Introducing KGI CREW

The KGI CREW program will bring together a cohort of 10 empowered leaders to speak strongly about and advocate for the KGI and our work over the last 10 years. 


The role will include:


  • Speaking about your experiences and KGI journey at events, meetings and other engagements in community.
  • Appearing in videos for projects such as REAL Online and the Victorian Electoral Commission.
  • Promoting KGI events and programs, and running your own events within your community.
  • Playing a role in planning and celebrating the KGI 10 Year Anniversary.


KGI alumni are invited to apply by filling out the form below:

Once the application period closes, applicants will be contacted for a short interview with someone from the KGI team and will be informed of their outcome shortly after. 


If you have any questions, please contact for more information.