Our People

Emerging leaders



I never would have thought I would get to where I am today, KGI has given me the voice I did not know I had. I can go anywhere and KGI opened my eyes to that.



I have matured and become more respectful, KGI has shaped me and helped me to become who I am.



KGI has made me a better leader and person for the young ones to look up to. I have younger cousins and people in my community that are seeing how well I am doing and the great things I have been able to get out of KGI. They come up to me and say they want to do it too.



KGI is a great opportunity for people to share their thoughts on things. It has given me a lot of courage and put me out of my comfort zone to become more confident in myself. These are important skills for me to take back to my community.



KGI has helped show me what I can achieve, and that you do not need to stay in your small towns or communities. You can travel so much and learn so much more than you already know (by stepping out).


Wemba Wemba & Ngarrindjeri

KGI was a great experience, all the activities really draw you in and you get to meet so many people. It is so exciting that the younger generation will get to experience the opportunities that we did in their own hometown (Mildura). It makes me excited.



I was really scared to go to my first REAL program by myself because I did not know anyone, I think I almost cried on the first day. But the whole experience was amazing, I made lots of friends and still talk to them- we are all close still.



A lot of people do not understand how hard it is to be a young black man today and KGI has helped me with leadership and to show me that I can be something else other than the stereotypes put on us today.



For me attending my first REAL program was me coming to know who I am. It made me confident, and the word shamed was banned. I became strong in my community and culture and wanted to do better in my life because I saw there were all these options out there and pathways that we can do to be better.