Democracy in action

KGI Democracy Ambassadors assist landmark mobile voting at Aboriginal Community Organisations

Korin Gamadji Institute alumni Hayley Boehm and Tiara Willis were recently on hand to assist the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) at Aboriginal Community mobile voting sessions across the state.

KGI Democracy Ambassadors Hayley Boehm and Tiara Willis pictured with the Victorian Electoral Commission team at mobile voting sessions.

The young leaders were placed in the role of Democracy Ambassadors, helping to engage community members to cast their vote on the upcoming state election. 

It was the first time the VEC had an agreement to run early “mobile voting” sessions at specified Aboriginal Community Organisations, with each an opportunity for the pair as ambassadors to discuss the voting process and options with those at the community hubs in a culturally safe way.

The work of the ambassadors will help the VEC to continue working closely within the Indigenous communities to build on recent work around treaty and referendum.

The Victorian State Election is set to be held on November 26. 

Visit the VEC website for information on how to vote.