A depiction of Bunjil, the Wedgetail Eagle and ancestral creator of the Kulin Nation will sit fittingly on display at the Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA) in Thornbury as a show of protection to the local Islamic Community.

The painting, which was recently put together by KGI REAL program participants- was gifted to the museum as a show of unity following the horrific attacks on mosques in New Zealand earlier this year.

REAL Program participants painting a depiction of Bunjil

The IMA, who Richmond Football Club and KGI share a strong relationship with, had specifically asked for a reflection of the Kulin Nation lands they were on in Thornbury to be displayed in the museum, understanding the importance of First Peoples representation.

KGI Program Manager, Thara Brown, said Bunjil was the perfect figure to be depicted for the painting.

“(TV presenter and art teacher) Shelley Ware came up with the idea to represent Bunjil in the painting, who as the ancestral creator of the Kulin Nation guides and protects this land and its people.”

The art session was facilitated by Ware and Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Di Kerr.

Merve Onder from the IMA said the museum would continue to look for ways to showcase Australia’s First Peoples in the exhibition.

“We are grateful to have such a strong relationship with Richmond and the Korin Gamadji Institute, this is a space where all peoples should feel welcome.”

The painting is also masked in Yellow, Black, and Red- the colours of the Australian Aboriginal Flag.