The Korin Gamadji Institute will begin a new ‘Stylin’ up in Style’ women’s program on Tuesday, June 25 to support Aboriginal women into employment.

The program is partnered with ‘Fitted for Work’, a Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Associated Limited, and aims to assist women who are experiencing disadvantage or barriers to employment, to transition into sustainable employment.

The program focuses on three key components – life skills training, mentor support, and job readiness activities.

A highlight of the program is a ‘Styling up session’, which is a personal styling service that will give the participants a work-ready outfit to wear to their new jobs.

“The program aims to give the participants the skills, knowledge and most importantly, the confidence to enter or re-enter the workforce,” said Elizabeth Allen, Indigenous Human Resource Manager of the KGI.

“We want the ‘Stylin’ up in Style’ program to be fun and enjoyable, because it is really exciting to get the opportunity to start a new job or start on a career path.”

The program kicks off at the KGI on Tuesday, June 25, with 10 women expected to participate in the initial program.