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The Korin Gamadji Institute (KGI) would like to thank Richmond Football Club’s apparel partner KooGa and the KooGa Foundation for extending their partnership through the provision of apparel kits, to assist in the delivery of the KGI’s activities.

The KooGa Foundation’s CEO, Tyron Brant said the foundation was proud to support Richmond’s Korin Gamadji Institute.

“The institute has proven results in positively influencing the lives of the youth involved in the program, as well as benefiting the wider Indigenous community,” said Brant.

“As a foundation, we are proud to be involved in a community program that creates career pathways for Indigenous Australians, through developing the educational and life skills of the participants involved.”

The contribution will see the KGI’s REAL Program participants wear a uniform while they participate in the program, helping them to feel engaged in their training and education program, as well as being part of the KGI family.

“I am very pleased the KooGa Foundation has provided generous support through the provision of apparel for our REAL Program participants. This reflects the spirit of unity and pride that exists within the hearts of all of our participants,” said KGI Director, Belinda Duarte.

“We thank them for supporting the program and joining us to celebrate the talent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians,” she said.

The Program uniform includes:

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*REAL Program camps are proudly supported by the Federal Government of Australia and the Victorian Electoral Commission.

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