The Korin Gamadji Institute (KGI) would like to congratulate past REAL Program participant and mentor Elise Muller.

Muller was named the 2016 Ricci Marks Rising Star, for the Indigenous Young Achiever of the year, last month.

Elise was nominated for the prestigious award because she is strongly motivated to be an example to other young people, especially those who face difficulties. She is a high achiever in her sporting pursuits, and contributes as a volunteer to many activities and events.

Muller has been involved with KGI since 2013 and also has also participated in the AFL Youth Girls Indigenous Kickstart Team.

She was then selected to represent the national Indigenous women’s football team, the Woomeras.

Muller also won a national award last year from being involved with ICAN as a mentor.

In her acceptance speech, she said the REAL Program provided the platform for her to develop her leadership qualities.

“My starting point in where I am now was actually through KGI, it’s a leadership program,” Muller said.

“My mum actually forced me to go…”