Each year a large group of Year 11 students from across Australia come together through a love of science at the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) held annually in Canberra and Perth.

This Year, KGI alumni Natasha Mary Ward was selected to represent her school as one of the young people to attend the forum.

Over 450 students were selected, including international students from Canada, Germany and New Zealand.

To be considered for the NYSF Natasha had to apply online through the Rotary Club, and participate in a number of interviews with NSYF representatives as well as a panel interview.

Throughout the two week forum, Natasha visited various departments of the Australian National University, Geoscience Australia, CSIRO and the National library.

She was also able to meet many respected scientists to ask questions and advice.

Natasha’s favourite part while at the NYSF was being around like minded young people who share her passion for science and participating in forums.

“We were able to truly express our love of science without having to worry about others judging or teasing us for being a nerd,” she said.

Natasha would like to go on to university to study science and pursue a career in the field.

Since the forum Natasha has been lucky enough to be asked to return to the National Youth Science Forum next year as a leader.

The Korin Gamadji Institute, with its program partners provides programs and pathway opportunities for young Indigenous people to grow and emerge into positive leaders in their communities.

The Korin Gamadji Institute congratulates Natasha on her achievements and wishes her the best of luck in becoming a scientist.